[NTLK] Buy a wireless card for Newton! $49.97!

From: John Skinner (john_at_johnskinner.net)
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 03:05:50 EST

If you want to buy a 802.11 wireless card that is compatible with your
Newton, head on over to Other World Computing.


They are selling them for $49.97 + shipping!

These are the right model to work with the Newton driver, found at:

NOTE: I do not work for, have not talked with, nor do I gain anything
from OWC for giving this info. I just wanted to share my wireless
experience with more Newton users, and didn't want them to pay too much
for the card!

John Skinner
A+ Certified Computer Technician
Microsoft Certified Professional
email = john_at_johnskinner.net

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