Re: [NTLK] considering Newt's Cape purchase

From: Markus Stöbe (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 22:05:29 EST

>on 3/2/02 12:58 PM, Philip Halsey at wrote:
>> I've been using my 2100 for the "usual" applications, and am now exploring
>> extending my (and it's) capabilities. Newt's Cape looks like a powerful
>> program. Is there a listserv or a discussion group that deals with it so I
>> can get the most from the program? Is it for those newt users with more
>> computer literacy than most?
>> Thanks.
>> Phil Halsey
>> Ida, MI
> I think I can say with a high measure of certainty that I am one of the
>least computer literate people on this list, yet I am able to derive a good
>deal of enjoyment from NewtsCape. It is absolutely on my short list of must
>have apps, and I know that as long as I have my Newton, I'll be learning new
>ways of utilizing it's many functions. Steve Weyer has also been very kind
>and very patient when I have had to contact him in the past because[...]

Same for me. NewtScape is absolutely cool...I would almost call it
*the* one must-have-software for your Newt...with all other software
its mostly like "you love it or you dont" but NewtScape is so damn
usefull not only for surfing but for everything related to
Text/HTML/Pictures on yourt Newt.

Best way to view large Maps, make nice Newton-books, read
HTML-Formatted-E-Mails, surf the web, get your favourit news-sites
loaded while you sleep, read the thousands of Palm-books...

this one's just really useful and it just got cheaper... :*)

Thanks again Steve!


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