[NTLK] FS: The "Q"-Newton Project Document

From: Ron R Silva (RonRSilva_at_husky-net.net)
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 22:12:13 EST

Future Caretakers of Earth,

(Sorry, to get this out so late but, bad weather,(Osage Co,Ok.), has kept
kept me very busy.)
Ok, folks...Here's it is....Drum Roll maestro...........

I have in my possession, an original, one of a kind, and quite collectible,
limited edition, Numbero Uno of 1, schematic drawing of the "Q" Newton. It's
a concept design drawing for Apple by Sharp Corporation. The drawing is the
Newton MessagePad 2000 that was subsequently shipped nearly two years later,
judging from the date found on the blueprint. I believe, no other copy
exists, which is available to the public. I'm limiting this to the
"faithful", as it is they who will caretake this document for the future.
So, I give Newton listers a first chance at this wonderful and rare piece of
Newton history. Oh, one more thing,..... I am including a Letter of
Provenance, showing the history as to how it was acquired and who owned it
previously. It's a typed letter with letterhead from David MacNeill
Executive Editor of Pen Computing. Below are snippets of the letter.

<quote>"The Q Blueprint is an original, confidential design created by the Q
design team at Sharp Electronics....". <snip>".....The Q Blueprint
represents the MessagePad design at its peak of power, innovation, and
influence." <snip> "To my knowledge, this particular document is the only
Newton blueprint ever to be seen outside of Apple Computer..." <unquote>
signed David Macneill.

This is very special to me as I had high hopes to frame it in a Lucite frame
with a working Newton 2000 included within the frame of the drawing. But,
alas, at this point in time, my financial needs are far greater than my
sentimental need of collecting. I'm willing to let this go and hopefully
find another caretaker of this fine item of Apple history.

I will entertain any offers over $500. A sum I paid nearly two years ago. I
will keep it open for 7 days unless someone convinces me to close it early,
(hint: $). I'll send you several jpgs and if requested, my phone number. If
interested, email below:
Best Regards,
Ron R. Sllva

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email: ronrsilva_at_husky-net.net

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