[NTLK] LookOut

From: André Baron (abaron_at_mac.com)
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 08:28:35 EST

Well here it comes again, in the archives it seemed to be revealed that
outlink doesn't work (well) and Lookout works allright, but is
incomplete. Now a couple of questions for those of you using LookOut,
can you give me hints on how to get it working. Specificly when I tap
on Lookout on the newt, the newt crashes, or at least stops responding
without changing the screen until I hit the reset button. Second is
there any better (direct) ways of synching the dates and contacts
between my win2k box runnig outlook and my newt? Third, (and part of
second) would there be a way to convert the data from outlook to
something that either the mac or pc version of NCU can read, without to
much difficulty. I am already using outlook to convert from
NovellGroupwise 6 so I don't know if another step of conversion is


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