Re: [NTLK] LucentWavelan driver update?

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 11:46:25 EST

> Is anybody in contact with Hiroshi Noguchi, the author of the Lucent WaveLAN
> cards?
> While it is nice to use the the ad-hoc mode, it requires to set up a machine
> to work in ad-hoc mode, so that you can connect. On the other hand it would be
> really nice to be able to just mingle in with an existing wireless network.
> From the driver web-page I can see that it has been last updated 9 months ago.
> Has anybody any more up-to-date knowledge of the status of this driver??

The problem right now is that most AirPort base stations (mine included)
have been updated to AirPort 2.0.2, so that the drivers might need
substantial modifications to support the new features.

I'm sorry to report that my hands are pretty full right now, since I
didn't sit on them while trying to get another ABS. Now I have one, but
I feel compelled to complete the other tasks I did start while idling...


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