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Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 12:24:28 EST

Thank you for the tip. I will actually have a regulator on the circuit to prevent a higher voltage (although my testing =
shows the mA is the only thing that may spike).

as for what I have done so far?
-testing the best method to build the array
-recorded results (surges and spikes) while moving the solar panel in different lights.
-found a supplier for the panels which is offering me quite a discount from their advertised prices.
-found a new panel to use if I would do this long term (bigger but more powerful meaning less panels and work needed to c=
onnect them).

Can anyone give me the exacts on what would be enough to power/charge a newton (any model).

Thanks! =3D-)

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Attention should be paid if your solar panel is capable of delivering more
than 7.5V AND higher currents of lets say above 500mA, which might be the
case in the southern US.

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