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From: Oz Suguitan (ozs_at_gameporium.com)
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 00:58:39 EST

GAMEPORIUM Newton Items Flashback Issue 1 (March 4, 2002)

Hey, Newtoneers! Gameporium has bought all of the leftover inventory of
NewtonOz, and we're doing a liquidation of all the brand new Newton
merchandise that's left over from the NewtonOz businesses.

Newton items are only available through these special URLs, and not at
the main Gameporium website. Phone orders will not be accepted for these
items. Gameporium personell are not equipped to answer questions about
Newton parts, software, or accessories.

Items are sold as-is unless otherwise noted. Some items may carry an
Apple or Manufacturer's warranty. All items are brand new or open box
brand new unless otherwise listed.

LIMIT ONE OF EACH ITEM PER ORDER or DAY. Orders of more than one of each
item may be decreased to one item. We are doing this as a courtesy to
the prior customers of NewtonOz and the members of the Newton Community,
not eBay price gougers or other nasty folks. We're sorry for any
inconvenience this may cause. We want everyone to get a chance at the
remaindered NewtonOz merchandise.



- eMate 300 Battery (Apple brand, factory new, uncharged) - 9w Universal Newton AC Adapter (Apple brand, factory new, uncharged) - Newton Interconnect Serial Adapter/Dongle - NewtonOz brand NuShields for eMate (singles) - All Original Newton Styli


Here's the list!

--Styli/Writing Utensils

NEWTON 110/120/130 TELESCOPING STYLUS - $29.89 New These are the nifty little styli that fit in your 110, 120, or 130. Stop using that fingernail or broken twig, and get back to the original basics with the original Apple stylus for your Messagepad. http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210000

NEWTON 2X00 STYLUS - $49.89 new These days, most of us 2000 series Newt users don't use the original stylus; instead, using a 4 in 1 electronic pen, a disposable eMate stylus or even a Palm stylus for main use, and the built in stylus for emergency use. Well, in an infrequent rush you can still jam some particles into your stylus tip. Give your screen some security by buying a spare BRAND NEW Apple 2000 series metal stylus. http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210010

NEWTON eMATE STYLUS - $39.89 new What? Not a four pack, you say? Not these! These are the first issue single packs in the blistering blister pack with nifty Newton logos. No bargain pack here, these are the real deal! The nicely balanced green colored styli, not the decorator 4 color disposables. If you are a Newton collector, you probably won't even want to break open the packaging. And, your favorite eMate will enjoy the security of knowing it's favorite stylus mate is there for eMergencies. http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210020

NEWTON 100/OMP STYLUS - $10.89 new What can we say... there are not very many people who still want this stick styli, and we are swimming in them. We suggest buying two for use as designer washable chopsticks, or maybe a kind of painful ear cleaner, or maybe a coffee stirrer! Gee, we suppose you can use it as a light stylus for a newer Newton, but what fun is that? http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210030

--Newton Power: Cells & More

NEWTON 9W AC ADAPTER (Apple OEM)- $49.89 New Didn't your parents tell you not to stick foreign items in your Newt orifices? I'm sure that when you told them you were using a homemade adapter, there was some serious frowning in NewtonLand. Don't you fear! We still have some brand new Apple OEM Newton 9w Adapters to give your NiMH batteries some peppy pickup to get your Newt through the day, or to keep it running through a few days of MP3 etherneting iTunes plug-in goodness. http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210040

- Australia Converter $10.98 http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210050

- Europe Converter $10.98 http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210060

- U.K. Converter $10.98 http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210070

eMate RECHARGEABLE BATTERY (Apple OEM) - $89.89 new, factory fresh Having a hard time finding good batteries for your favorite laptop/PDA hybrid? Don't feel the green sickness of low powered substitute batteries, when you can have the original factory fresh eMate Rechargeable battery from Apple. http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210060

2x00 RECHARGEABLE BATTERY (Apple OEM) - $59.89 used, tested Here's a deal... get a used 2x00 Rechargeable battery, crack it open, stick some new NiMH cells in there, and you have a nice new battery pack that's better than before! These are all clean units with no corrosion, writing, or fingerprints from S.J. http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210070

110/120/130 RECHARGEABLE BATTERY (Apple OEM) - $49.89 used You all know the drill with these 110 rechargeables. Strip out the NiCads and put in some tasty NiMH with more Newton runnin' power! Although, you could always use them as is, with horrible results. http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210080

Spare 2x00 ALKALINE BATTERY CAGE (Apple OEM) - $59.87 Yep. Always have two of these if you are a 2000 series Newt owner. Why? Just because. Just because. http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210090


--Doors / Lids / Covers / Lenses

2X00 FRONT DOOR - $65.50 new http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210100

110/120/130 BACK DOOR - $20.99 new http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210110

110/120/130 FRONT DOOR - Unavailable RUBBER I/O COVER 110/120/130 - Unavailable LITHIUM BATTERY COVER/PLATE - $2.00 new http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210120

Red IR Lens for 130 Series - $7.00 new http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210130

Red IR Lens for eMate 300 Series - Unavailable

Dummy Card Holders - $18.00 new or used These are the "fake" cards that are used to keep dust and foreign objects away from the inside of your MessagePad's PC Card slot (not necessary on an eMate). We have both the square head and tapered head versions. The 2x00 series can use both, the 1x0 series looks better with the square head. We get to choose, unfortunately. Shucks! http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210140



Brand New Newton Keyboard (Apple) - $69.89 new Apple describes these as "The fastest way to enter information into your Newton". Believe it! When you are working on lots of eMail, or you are on the road working from your lap, a keyboard is indispensible! These keyboards are repackaged in NewtonOz packaging, but they are new. Newton Interconnect is not included -- required for use with a 2000 series Newton. Includes 2 free strips of Velcro for use in an Apple Nylon Case. http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210150

Apple Nylon Case (Apple) - $35.00 used (but practically new) These are the standard Nylon case for Keyboard and MessagePad. If you need an inexpensive case, this is the one. Holds the Newt, keyboard, PC Cards, Extra Stylus, and Interconnect. It even has a cute sewn on Newton Logo on the front. Specifically made for Newton 2000, but a Newton 1x0 would fit in there as well. http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210160



MegaHertz 14.4 PC Card Fax/Data Modem (3com) - $25.95 new/no box

If you travel with your Newt, you can stay connected with a portable, light weight, low power X-Jack modem, such as the MegaHertz XJ1144. And, if you lose it, you can always get another at this low price! http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210170

NEWTON INTERCONNECT (Apple) - $45.89 new [very limited supply--remember, you can't live without it] Also known as "those 'dongles'", these are the lovely little adapters that you need to connect a 2000 or 2100 to an external modem, to your computer, or to a Newton keyboard. http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210180

NEWTON PRINT PACK 2.0 (Apple) - 65.99 new This is the cable package that you need to connect to most Parallel printers! Get one if you visit places that have lots of different kinds of printers... http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210180

NEWTON TO PC CABLE (includes DB-25 & DB-9) (Apple) - $21.06 new Have a PC and a Newton? This is just the thing for you. Includes a black Newton color jacket and Apple style plugs for authentic Apple style insertions into your PC's ports o' peripherals. http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210190

Linear 5v/5v Cards, used only for a month or two on internal NewtonOz newtons for testing. These were never in routers.

Pretec brand 24M - $210.00 used http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210200

Intel brand 2M - $40 new http://store.gameporium.com/detail.jsp?find=newton-210210

BTW: 5v/12v memory cards are usable in any Newt but eMate 300. 5v/5v memory cards can be used in any Newton. OMP/100/110/120 (1.x) MessagePads are limited to 4M cards... officially, anyway...

-- NewtonOz, NewtonOz Items, NewtonOz Sales and the "skewed circle N" are trademarks of NewtonOz. Gameporium is a trademark of Gameporium. Apple, Newton, MessagePad, eMate, and other Apple brand designations are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc., other trademarks belong to their respective companies and individuals. Gameporium is a different entity from NewtonOz; we cannot accomodate requests for support from NewtonOz customers.


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