Re: [NTLK] Screen Misalignment and request for fixes

From: Paul Nuernberger (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 03:17:21 EST

This is how I have fixed 2 2k's and 3 2k1's. It was posted to the original
NTLK list three (?) or so years ago. Since it involves MAJOR disassembly of
the newton I have never recommended it on-list (for the technically adept,
or at least the very brave, only !!)

Marco, was it you whose post I read so long ago ?? Frank G. Maybe ??

By the way - while you have it apart - clean all the scuzz accumulated
around the chassis opening for the screen (both on the case & on the
digitizer). This is absolutely a known cure for the dreaded 'jaggies'.
Canned Air and a (de-ionized water) moistened lint-free wipe work very well.

Paul Nuernberger

> From: "Marco Mailand" <>
> I wouldn't bother with software and straight open the thing. Just yesterday
> I opened a MP2100 and had a closer look how it is done: A flexible PCB comes
> from the screen which has 4 tracks. They are silver but they don't look like
> tinned copper but more like aluminium. These 4 tracks are forming a sort of
> ring track around the screen and have for shure something to do with the pen
> recognition. The contact to the mainbord is made very simply by clamping the
> flexible board onto the mainboard by means of 2 screws. Since this is no
> springloaded contact the clamping force may vary and dirt can go in the gap
> or the bare metal surfaces could oxidize if e.g. liquids or water or may be
> only water vapor condenses there.
> Although it is a pain, I would recommend to someone who suffers jaggies to
> clean only this contact and do nothing else. If as result the jaggies
> disappear we would finally have a secure treatment. Of course I would like
> to do it for someone if he/she pays the S&H.
> --
> With best Regards / Viele Gruesse!
> Marco Mailand

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