[NTLK] ethernet

From: Josh Ormsby (ormsby_at_mpi.com)
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 08:53:05 EST

So I tried to use BasiliskII on my PC to get an ethernet connection and
I have been frustrated again. I can see the virtual Mac from other
computers on the network, and even from my Newt when I search, but when
it is 'selected' and I tap 'connect' it cannot be found...

As a last resort this week I went and installed NCU on my fiancee's iMac
to see if I could connect via ethernet/AppleTalk. No luck here either,
with the Newt plugged directly into the Mac (with a crossover cable) it
was unable to 'find a Mac OS computer'.

Ever since I switched from Win98 I have had problems connecting my Newt
to anything and I just about had enough. This is not fun anymore.


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