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From: Chet Johns (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 13:58:11 EST

When I read the post below I was thinking more about abandonware. If
multiple legitimate attempts have been made to obtain software and pay for
it and the author has fallen off the face of the Earth and no longer
supports the software, maybe that helps to legitimize over-riding protection
measures. We ran a discussion like this about a year ago and the general
conclusion was that it was still stealing but easier to justify.

on 3/5/02 9:43 AM, John Goggan at wrote:
> Jonathan Wise wrote:
>> I think I can most whole heartedly agree: Help us get it legitimately, and
>> grow your business. Or ignore us, and we'll (probably) ignore your "license
>> agreements" ; )
> So -- your argument at McDonald's would be "Give me this Big Mac for 50 cents
> or I will be forced to hold up your store and then blame you for not selling
> the Big Mac close enough to cost"? heh.
> - John...

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