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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 14:19:03 EST

On 05/03/02 14:10, "Kevin Webb" <> wrote:

> After a year without a newt (previously used 120,130,2100uthem from
> 96-2000), I have decided I had to pull one of them off of ebay. I
> just grabbed a 2100 and need to ask a few questions to refresh
> myself. I have been lurking this list for the last year, but have
> forgotten a lot of Newt things.
> first
> 1. can I place my memory card into my Powerbook and move packages
> onto the card, then run them? That would be a lot quicker than an
> install process and would save me fighting with making a synch.
> connection (I have a huge Newt software collection)

Nope, sorry.

> 2. can someone point me back to the faq on ethernet cards and networking.


> 3. What happened to my favorite Newton site (

Hasn't been updated over the last few months due to lack of free time. See
<> for a partial replacement, and this list for
all other announcements. There is also comp.sys.newton.misc and
comp.sys.newton.announce on the Usenet, although the latter is not very


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