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From: Simon Muller (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 19:13:05 EST

I've been reading this thread.
What I wondered is, that there is almost never a question on how to
steal it or getting reduced fees for hardware,for special groups in
our society.
  Of course we want our hardware cheapest. But almost always there is
an element of quality involved in the arguments for hardware. Mint,
as new, fast, faster, etc. Or extras, as cards, manuals, cables.
  The funny thing is, that when there is argumentation on paying for
software, it almost always comes down to pay or not to pay. Or
benefits to financial "weaker" groups. Not a comparison to what you
get for your money.
Is it that we, who live on this electric wire, through which we
communicate with each other on an almost daily basis, still have some
monkey-ish reflex on valuating high-tech things we can take in our
hands and see in front of us on our tables, above things that are
just as thought trough, but volatile, like software?
Because when we switch our Newton to standby-mode we can't see the
software anymore, except for maybe a floppy, on which it is stored?
But who even uses them anymore, these days?
Yet without these pieces of software, which characteristics are
transposed to our hardware in our minds, Newton can do this and that,
this green box would be nothing but a box with a dim glowing green

Phew! It's getting late on this side of the globe.
Today I tried the v1.0 of Newtpaint, liked it very much, visited
Landware, found V1.5 for not even 20 Bucks, payed with my plastic
money-card and played with the new toy for my Newton, until I got to

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