Re: [NTLK] GP Newton Items for Sale

From: David Orriss Jr (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 19:27:12 EST

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On 5 Mar 2002 at 15:18, Oz Suguitan wrote:

> Oh, and as for the prices, we stand behind all of our items, and you
> know that you are buying brand new product when we say you're getting
> brand new product. (I fought them on the pricing, Guys! Really, I
> DID!) Whereas eBay you can get the items if you win, and even then it
> could be chancy: at GP you can get the item right away, and it's a
> sure thing.


I'm sure you did fight them on the price. But that still doesn't change
the simple fact that the prices are too high, IMHO. Like someone here
said.. twice the eBay price... ok... but *six times*??? I'll just keep
using my Handspring Visor... :-(

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