Re: [NTLK] ATA card speed

From: Thomas Cherry (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 15:53:31 EST

What are the speeds like for 1.0b12 in your opinion? This is the version
that I have.

on 3/6/02 3:44 PM, Paul Guyot at wrote:

> Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 15:26:32 -0500
> From: Thomas Cherry <>
>> My ATA card is really slow, is there some way setting I can make to improve
>> this? Could it be a function "demo" version of the ATA drivers?
> Actually, this was a problem of early ATA Support versions. I have
> reworked the cache code, suppressed useless transfers to the card
> (the slow factor is definitely talking to the card), and I got much
> better results.
> Cf the screen shot on my website:
> Next step is actually when the software will say "RAM Disk enabled,
> you can now safely remove your card".
> Now, I realize that I should have released RC1 some time ago. But
> unfortunately, I don't really have much free time at the moment. In
> addition to my heavy studies and regular life activities, I happen to
> be involved in some research project (well, officially it's part of
> my studies) and addicted as I am to challenges, I try to run
> something like 4x20 kms per week to be able to do Paris Marathon. All
> this doesn't help finding time to code for the Newton.
> Two university naps were cancelled this afternoon, so I reload ATA
> Support project to see what the current state was (apparently, I
> haven't touched it for a week) and I just realized that it doesn't
> even compile because I'm in the middle of some deep changes in the
> partition handling code (to fix the problem people have with
> partitioning their cards), and then I cowardly decided to take a
> sofa-nap.
> Paul

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