[NTLK] 120 upgrade

From: Frank Gruendel (Frank_Gruendel_at_t-online.de)
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 18:11:47 EST

>My kids (9 and 6) have started to use MP 120s that I picked up a few
>years ago from the Toronto Newton shop.


> 3. Any hope of getting 2.0 ROMs for these beasts,

 You can also use a MP130 ROM. Other that from then on the 120 will
claim to be a 130, I haven't noticed a difference. MP130's die quite often,
there's a good chance to pick one up for cheap.

> and if so, any hope that someone who sweats over putting his
> own memory in a G4 can manage it himself?

This is easy. If you know what you do, it'll take you about 90 seconds. If
you don't, it'll take you as long as you need to read the upper half of
www.pda-soft.de/130_disassemble.html plus about 90 seconds.
If you don't feel up to it, I can do it for you free of charge if you pay

> 4. Any other suggestions that might be good for kids?

Love. Fresh air. Respect. Education. Exercise. Music.
Open-minded parents. Time without computers.

>Once they discover beaming (they refuse to read the manual,
>preferring just to try things out) I'll have to peel the machines out
>of their hands as they sleep.

Fortunately, 120's don't have backlight ;-))

Good luck


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