[NTLK] Paying for software

From: Frank Gruendel (Frank_Gruendel_at_t-online.de)
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 18:02:19 EST

Usually, experienced list members like me stay out of this...


I have been contemplating buying PowerRoute (a Palm Pilot
product) for at least a couple of months. What so far has
made me hesitate was that I didn't know if a) it is a product
that is really useful for me (gps information on a 160 x 160
screen might be kinda useless) and b) if it worked at all.
A colleague recently bought it and I asked him for the CD
to try it out. You may take "try it out" literally, people who
have been longer on this list know my opinion of software

So, here's what happened:

1) I installed PowerRoute on my Palm
2) I made it calculate a route that would lead me right across
    the town I was in. All in all, about 7 kilometres.
3) PowerRoute calculated the route quite fast.
4) The first street I was supposed to turn into was nowhere
    near my current location, but about 3 km west. To reach
    this street I would have had to drive through at least 20 other
    streets, apart from that, said street wasn't anywhere near the
    route I planned to travel in the first place.
5) After that the program suggested a route of which only a
    couple of streets were near any route a sane person would
    have taken. The route concluded with a summary:
    689 kilometers driven, time to do this 9 minutes.
6) I decided that this program has room for improvements.
7) I tried to delete it from my Palm.
8) My Palm crashed.
9) I did a hard reset.
10) I decided not to buy this program. Nor any other program
      from this company.

If I hadn't committed 10 minutes of piracy, I would have probably
bought it. And been pi**ed ever after.


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