[NTLK] Glad for MAD!

From: Jeremy Bond Shepherd (jbond_at_eskimo.com)
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 19:30:55 EST

I just wanted to post a quick note here to praise Eckhart K=F6ppen's =
Mad Max
MP3 player for the Newton.

From the previous discussions here, I was somehow under the impression =
Mad Max was still an early prototype, and I wasn't really interested in
experimenting with it on my Newt.

However, today, after reading the note on Macintouch about the iTunes
plugin (<http://www.macintouch.com/itunes8.html#mar06> then scroll down =
bit) I thought I'd give Mad Max a try just for kicks.

I am very surprised and pleased about how well this works! I am
specifically using it for MP3 streams today, and haven't had the chance =
try it with an iTunes-served MP3 file. But this is WAY cool. I can now
listen to Internet Radio without tying up my PC's processor, sound =
speakers, etc. True, the fidelity isn't super (thanks to the wimpy =
speaker), but for background, while-your-working listening it's fine. =
for low bitrate spoken word or talk shows, it's about as good as you =
get in any case. There is a huge variety of low bitrate Internet Radio =
streams available and Mad Max has so far handled everything I've thrown =
it admirably well. The stream does occasionally "stutter" briefly, but
perhaps that's partially due to the number of unfrozen packages I have

Wishes for the future include:

* kill the stutters
* display stream name and other metadata
* external speaker jack for my Newton! Connecting some self-powered
speakers might result in even better sound quality.

Anyway, just wanted to post this in case any other 2x00 owners were
hesitating on trying Mad Max for any reason.

Hats off to Eckhart K=F6ppen for bringing this to the Newton!


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