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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 20:32:24 EST

on 06/03/02 20:12, Dave Caolo at wrote:

> Ok, first of all: I want a T-Shirt! Now, on with the show:
> I recently got a Hayes Optima 336 V.34Data/Fax modem card for my 2100. When
> I pop it in, my Newt says "A communication card has been inserted". I went
> to Internet Setup and clicked generic, unfortunately there isn't a ppp
> option (ethernet or localtalk). So I selected one of the other setups at
> random, and entered info specific to my ISP (username, password, DNS, etc.).
> Under Modem settings, I selected bottom PC slot, where the card is sitting.
> I go to the in box, try to receive simple mail, select the ppp setting I
> created and click connect. I get this message: "No protocol driver for this
> link is available. Can't establish a link." Hmm?
> Here's something else weird: In Internet setup, the protocol is listed as
> "Unknown," even though I told it PPP. It won't accept that option.

You didn't install the entire collection of packages that come with Newton
Internet Enabler 2.0 on your internal store.


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