[NTLK] Wireless LAN FAQ

From: Alexander Oberdörster (oberdoer_at_uni-duesseldorf.de)
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 10:05:03 EST

I think several people in this list mentioned that it would be nice to
have a FAQ on Wireless LAN. As most of you are quite busy at the moment,
I thought I'd just give it a try. So -- here is my first draft for a
Wireless LAN FAQ:


[comments are in square brackets]

It will probably contain lots of errors, as I've only started to read
about the whole thing on monday ("the whole thing" being Newtons in
general). I just got my first Newton yesterday :) It's only an MP 120,
so I'm not yet able to test what I've written (will change soon).

I'm especially unsure about the Computer-to-Computer network in OS X
(setting up OS X as a base station is simple, as the routing
functionality as already built into the BSD layer). Help with the
language is also appreciated. My english is very clumsy, I fear.


Have you checked the FAQ lately? http://www.guns-media.com/mirrors/newton/faq/
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