Re: [NTLK] NewtonTalk T-Shirts?

From: Philip Katz (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 21:48:43 EST

On 3/7/02 8:41 PM, "David Golden" <> wrote:

> on 3/7/02 8:28 PM, Josh Shanks at wrote:
>> Hey why don=B9t we use Apple Garmond. It is the font apple uses on
>> everything=
>> .
>> I have the font at the silk screen shop already. And I can do the emroidery
>> or printing but I would love to see a nice photo quality newton on the fron=
>> t
>> of the shirt and under neath it in apple garmond have it say "Think Newton"
>> I can print any colors up to 6 on any shirt except polos for 10 a shirt.
>> My 2 cents
>> Josh
> Apple Garmond is a good idea.
> Dave
Apple Garamond is good if this shirt was to be about a current product.
Remember that back in 1997 and earlier, Apple didn't use Garamond (I think)
so it really isn't appropriate for a shirt commemorating a product from that
time period. Whatever font is on the front of the Newt is probably better.

I think a T-shirt is best. I, and a lot of people I know, wear T-shirts
everywhere. They are just more comfortable than polos. Polos, on the other
hand, give the impression of expensive and real high quality, which the
Newton is/was.

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