[NTLK] [semi-OT] The US Military is DOOMED! (article about a WinCE device...)

From: Eric L. Strobel (fyzycyst_at_comcast.net)
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 09:19:03 EST

Check out the following:


For those who don't want to read the whole article, a summary...

The special forces are developing a device that combines "laser
rangefinding, GPS satellite positioning, a satellite phone and text
messaging in a robust "super-palmtop" controlled by Microsoft's Windows CE
operating system."

Scary, huh? Kinda adds new meaning to the "Blue Screen of Death". And you
know what? This is probably something that a 2100 was capable of doing when
it first came out!

Anyway, just thought the list might find it interesting.

- Eric.


Eric Strobel (fyzycyst_at_NOSPAM^mailaps.org)

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