[NTLK] Help! Newbie on the loose!

From: Donald & Heather Hindle (donald.hindle_at_verizon.net)
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 16:26:13 EST

Hello, I just got my Newton MP 2000 (upgraded to a 2100) from ebay
(bought from Variety Shop). It is in nice shape except for an
unadvertised group of 3 scratches on the screen. I have never
owned/touched a Newton before and I am trying to get started.

2 questions (I didn't see these in the FAQ, if they are just point me in
the right direction)

1. I am trying handwriting practice and whenever I try to write an "l"
or a "t" it often does not appear on the first try and when it does
register, the first half of the word (before the offending letter)
disappears. What am I doing wrong?

Hades, I just figured out part of question 1, I was starting the
vertical line above the little box just a hair, I'm being more careful
to color within the lines now and it is working better. Was it deleting
the first part of the word because of the pause while I waited for the
letter to register the first time?

2. When I use the stylus on the newton it leaves what looks like little
scratches (they go away when I rub them with my finger). Is my stylus
worn out, or are these little impressions normal?

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