Re: [NTLK] Password on app/book?

From: Brian (
Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 18:45:17 EST

>From: John Goggan <>
>Anyone know of an app to put a password and/or hide a NewtonBook? I quickly
>threw together some client information just to have handy "on the road."
>Anyway, I realized that it would be nice if I could password protect that
>easily. Is there such an app? I use GeekSafe for little things, of course,

There are a couple apps that let you password protect or encrypt individual
notes; the names of them don't leap to mind but that seems like something
that would have done, at least.

I've never heard of a newtonbook being password-enabled. I think exploring
options for protecting all or individual notes will be your best bet.


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