[NTLK] Editing without selection

From: Frank Gruendel (Frank_Gruendel_at_t-online.de)
Date: Sun Mar 10 2002 - 19:20:05 EST

> Hi Frank. I did a small test program and found that you can change the
> viewflags of a certain edit area to don't allow gestures in that area.
> problem is that we also loose the scrub-out eraser thing.

Hi Daniel,

thanks alot for the application. I experimented a bit with the source and
that the Newton behaves the way I want it to behave if only the viewFlags
vVisible, vSingleUnit, vClickable and vStrokesAllowed are active.
This app would probably need a save button and in-depth knowledge of soups
to do what I want.

> If you tell me which program exactly is she using for drawing, maybe I can
> modify it and add a eraser button or something.

Actually she's using the plain ol' notepad with recognition set to "sketch
to make sure nothing she draws changes. It's just this stupid selection
that confuses her. Losing the scrub-out behavior wouldn't matter as she
aware of it yet anyway ;-)
I wanted to use the notepad because that seems the easiest way to get the
paintings on my desktop.

Thanks again


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