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From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Sun Mar 10 2002 - 23:33:58 EST

I think you have to take into consideration that the
last version of NetHopper was released before there
even was really an Internet! NetHopper was written to
the they standard of HTTP1.0
This standard didn't support frames, virtual redirect
(also known as http redirect) anything dynamic (this
means that any client side web pages are out...That's
why I wrote my LOTR pages in Cold Fusion...a server
side language). Plus you cannot view tables, or JPEG
images. So, with all this, you might ask why use it?
Well,'s free. Second, it's fast. And third
(I've never used any other browser, so this is
secondhand information at best) it has an easy to
understand interface.
I use it because web browsing with the Newt is painful
at best. It's OK for low bandwidth sites, but larger
sites take forever. Because of this, NetHopper does
what I want and there's no reason to change.
web/gadget guru

--- Rolf Brakvatne <> wrote:
> Which browser would the list recommend, NetHopper or
> NewtScape (or
> others), for faster/better page rendering?
> I keep getting page errors using NetHopper on sites
> that should be
> easily displayed because they are mainly text. i.e.
> RB

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