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From: John Goggan (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 08:41:10 EST

Victor Rehorst wrote:
>> I tried NetHopper 3.2 myself just this weekend, and what I found
>> was that it doesn't seem to send the host field when it requests a
>> page, so
> Yes, this was part of HTTP 1.1.

But NetHopper DOES appear to send a "Host:" line!?

>> that servers that do single-IP virtual hosting just serve it up the
>> default domain rather than the requested domain. Is this the case,
>> or am I perhaps missing part of NetHopper?
> No, there's no part that will fix it, you are in fact getting the
> "full NetHopper Experience" :)

Again, see my other post. This works for me. As the actual example... I run
a site called "Boob! Dreamcast Research" at
actually resolves to -- which reverses to --
another site of mine. Now, if you use a normal browser and go to (i.e. by IP, no host name given), you will get the stuff at, of course.

If I go to "" with NetHopper, I DO get the proper Boob virtual
host. I do NOT get as I would if it was only IP. I'm running
Apache and it obviously sees the "Host:" line that NetHopper is sending and
gives the proper virtual host.

Now, maybe it isn't quite standard or something -- and that is why the other
guy's isn't working. Maybe Apache handles it a little better or something
than whatever his server is running.

Oh bah. After writing on that it suddenly dawned on me. I'm going through a
proxy server. heh. It must be sending the proper HTTP/1.1 request out, eh?

Heh -- sorry about that. Now it all makes sense. :)

 - John...

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