[NTLK] Browser choice....

From: drclu_at_swbell.net
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 09:56:41 EST

   Remember, there are several browsers out there. NetHopper, Newt's Cape, AND there is also Luna Ranger. Might be one =

    NetHopper was free. Came with the Newton 2000. Was a great start. It is also small, compact, fast, does basic stuf=
f. Moving gifs, gif, no jpegs.

    Luna Ranger is a webrowser that displays the webpage in a format much like a typical desktop browser. It is now free=
ware, but unfinished. It has many large packages, but to date, it has the best handling of moving gifs. It was also my =
first experience with jpegs on the Newton 2000.

    Newt's Cape is a browser that unlike Luna Ranger, displays webpages more geared to the Newton display. That being sa=
id, as a browser you have the great ability of being able to capture online text and save as a book format. Other adapta=
tions and packages have been added throughout time including music .mod file creators (can download and then adjust a mod=
 file to work for the Newton modplayer), as well as unzip utility.
    Newt's Cape has many other adaption packages and Steve Weyer is active at bringing in new programs into Newt's Cape a=
s they are announced and he has time. :) While it does not handle moving gifs as well as Luna Ranger, it is stable and =
VERY versatile. Worth the registration.

     No Newton browser has java, though a miniature form of it, Waba, is being actively ported to Newt's Cape as well.

     (What else is Newt's Cape doing that I did not mention?)

     Doctor Clu


Which browser would the list recommend, NetHopper or NewtScape (or
others), for faster/better page rendering?
I keep getting page errors using NetHopper on sites that should be
easily displayed because they are mainly text. i.e. macsurfer.com.


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