[NTLK] Re - Power adaptors

From: Frank Gruendel (Frank_Gruendel_at_t-online.de)
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 16:29:15 EST

>now the question or rather the situation:
>the 9watt adaptor (7.5v_at_1.2a)
>a cell phone batter charger 7v_at_2a (well it has a 2a fuse) for potentially
>14w. have considered a 1a fuse for 7w (or 1.2w fuse for 8.4w or 1.3a fuse
>for 9.1w) to protect newt....i am in no hurry to blow up my newt

First of all, what can kill your Newton is too high a voltage. This is not
necessarily related to the current that flows and can't be controlled by
simply reducing the ampere value of the fuse. In fact you always have the
highest voltage if no current flows at all.
I would recommend to test all and every ac adapters that aren't original
ones with a voltmeter first. Measure while they aren't powering anything. If
the voltage is less than or equal to 7.5 volts, you are on the safe side. If
is higher, forget it.


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