Re: [NTLK] Another newbie question

From: Scott Rogers (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 21:05:25 EST

> I have successfully imported a few RTF files from MacOS Word 98 into
> NewtWorks.

I'm able to export RTFs from the Newt just fine. I'm *really* happy=20
about that!

> However, they had only a few very little graphics and little text
> and it worked fine. Also the other direction worked well. I would=20
> suspect
> either to big documents or to complex graphics maybe in your case.

That they're too large is certainly a possible problem. And so I'm=20
taking your advice and...

> Couldn't
> you split up the document in many smaller pieces, lets say pages and=20=

> thus
> isolate the source of the error?

I've cleared off space on the internal memory (2915K free), and I've=20
saved one page of the document I'm trying to transfer (no images,=20
etc...just text) as a a 12K rtf in Appleworks and am trying to import it=20=

via NCU. NCU simply "hangs" and does nothing until the Newton times=20
out. The entire classic environment in OS X has locked up=97but at =
it didn't shut down immediately! ;)

> I don't know what the purpose of RTF on the
> Newt is. If it is only for reading, maybe transforming the documents=20=

> into
> Newton books is much easier.

Unfortunately, I need rtf. I take notes when I read, and one of the=20
reasons I abandoned my palm so long ago (aside from poor mac support)=20
was that it wouldn't allow me to use italics, bold, underline, and=20
margins (hanging indents and whathot) without going through a ton of=20
bizarre workarounds. Once I can get this little glitch fixed, the Newt=20=

will, I think, reveal itself to be the gadget I've been looking for.... =20=

Well, that and my Lucent silver Orinoco wireless card.... (OT: am I=20
right that this one won't work? Only the earlier ones? It's weird,=20
because it lights up and tries to find the web...)

Thanks for the help.


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