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Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 09:05:14 EST

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> Not that any newtonians would ever
> need a paper planner

Actually, there are a number of work situations where one is not allowed to
take electronic devices into meetings. I've had my Newt for a year now and
*still* haven't really figured out the best way to integrate it with my
analog (paper) DayTimer, nor with the DayTimer software. *Most* of the time
I could be using the Newt, but the difficulty of integrating with the
DayTimer software has hindered this. (I had four years worth of stuff in
the DayTimer s/w before I ever got my Newt.) Instead, I end up duplicating
(by hand) the just the really key to-do's and appointments (particularly
repeating ones). I have NO addresses in my Newt, again because there's no
way I can see to transfer them from the DayTimer s/w.

So what does he use his Newt for, you ask? Checklists, project outlines,
meeting notes for most meetings, etc. Notepad (and a calculator) are by far
my most used items on the Newt. If there were something like MathCAD or
Mathematica, I'd be using that too, but I haven't seen anything that at
first glance didn't seem like a kludge. (If anyone thinks I should
re-evaluate something, please make a suggestion.)

Anyway, back to the main question. I've seen a lot of folks liking PIMple
and if you're looking at the Newt being your first, last, and only PIM, then
something like PIMple might do well for you. Note that I've never tried it,
I'm just observing that a large number of people have recommended it in the

- Eric.


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