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Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 15:24:27 EST

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> Subject: [NTLK] Mad Max problems
> All MP3 files played on the Newton 2100 using Mad Max are
> very 'choppy' and
> the sound breaks up quite a bit.

Alright MP3 listeners,

I have been reading threads on mp3 players for the Newt or that have been
ported to the Newt and I have to ask WHY??

Apart from the geek factor and the showcasing of someone's programming skills,
the end result will be woefully inferior to even the cheapest commercial

Storage is a problem too. Perhaps this can be alleviated somewhat by Paul's
ATA driver but one is still hamstrung by the basic hardware and no amount
of even the most brilliant coding can compensate for that.

If you really want to have an audio quality mp3 player in the Newt then it
has to be built in. (Hint: it's much cheaper to buy a Rio or Yepp or whatever).

I guess that if 8bit, 64kbs, mono is hi-fi to you then mp3 on a Newt sounds

Perhaps I am missing the point. I just don't see why one would want to do this?

Please enlighten me Newtoneers.



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