Re: [NTLK] Taking notes on Newton

From: Christopher Plummer (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 00:34:23 EST

Totally easy. I did a semester with a Newton and it was fantastic. I
kept better more acurate notes and I didn't tune out during class. I
started this semester with notebooks and it's pretty bad. I decided
after midterms to switch back to the Newt.

I found the best system for notes was the outline in the built in notes
app. Of course there may be a third party app. and if there is someone
please tell me. The only serious disadvantage is the loss of graphics.
It's hard to make a chart, picture, or flowchart with a Newt. I started
on a 130 like you and moved to a 2100 pretty quickly. Note taking on
the 2100 is definately easier. Might I also recomend getting a couple
memory cards; one to backup and the other to store your notes.

Christopher Plummer

"All your base are belong to us"

On Wednesday, March 13, 2002, at 12:04 AM, James Lopez wrote:

> I'm waiting on my MP 130 (mailed payment off today) and I'm wondering
> about HW recognition. As you all are probably aware taking notes is
> pretty impractical on a palm. Well at least on my Palm Pilot (model
> that came out right before Palm III) with palm OS 2.0.
> After reading the list here and other articles, it seems that it pretty
> easy to actually take notes and such on the MP. Is this really the
> case? How much easier is it?
> Jim Lopez

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