Re: [NTLK] Hard reset - Who Does 'em?

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 02:26:04 EST

> Curiousity: Does anyone ever do a brain wipe and reinstall stuff, just to
> get a clean system?
I did so last weekend and could cure a time lag upon opening names, god
knows from where it was originated.
To make it as easy as possible, I've created a folder structure which
contains subfolders and aliases (on windowze 'shortcuts') to the packages to
be installed. Since the order of the installation is at least for some pkgs
determined, as e.g. WorksDraw and WorksCalc should be installed after
NewtWorks or the Ethernet card driver can be installed only after at least
NewtonDevices respectively the whole NIE has been installed, I've renamed
the aliases with preceeding numbers. Thus I don't have to think about the
order of installation and can simply drag the aliases onto the NCU window
and get the stuff installed w/o long searching and error msgs. Finally the
pkgs are distributed over two folders, each with about 600MB to fit
everything on 2 CDs and I'm willing to send copies of these CD's to everyone
who want's them (and got a Mac).
A last remark to left support files: After the restore of the data one will
very likely restore left data structures from uninstalled programs. For
example are there all these Names linking programs or synch tools of which
each one leaves its invisible traces in your data. If you check your names
soup with a soup editor program you'll find entries from programs you've
tried years ago and you'll never need again. All these entries take space
and I killed about 10 different slots only in names and got about 100kB more
space with names soup of about 1100 cards and 600kB size. So a brain wipe
seems to be a good thing to get rid of corrupted settings and force
re-indexing, possibly is the data sort of defragmented, IMHO. And the use of
a soup editor is also highly recommended, especially if you installed a lot
of pkgs for testing. But please make a working b/u before editing :-)

With best Regards / Viele Gruesse!

Marco Mailand

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