Re: [NTLK] Taking notes on Newton

From: Smith, Bradley (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 05:21:29 EST

Unless you use the printed recogniser (like me) in which case it doesn't
have to learn anything and works right out the box. I think it can learn a
bit in this mode but I could never get it to learn the number 6 the way I
write it. As a result I now write the number 6 the same way everyone else on
the planet does :-)

Palms are read only devices in my not so humble opinion. Just got rid of
mine thank God!


> From: Karel Jansens []
> All in all, my Newt recognizes pretty much 100% of what I write, after
> nine months of use. Do keep in mind that the HWR engine of the Newton
> has to learn your handwriting(*), and so for the first two weeks you
> might be a little disappointed with the results. They will get a lot
> better, trust me.
> (*) As opposed, of course, to the Palm, where it is _you_ who
> has to do
> the learning.
> --
> Karel Jansens

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