Re: [NTLK] RTF driving me crazy

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 06:09:48 EST

on 3/13/02 1:24 AM, John Goggan at wrote:

> So, put simply, Word does odd things with RTF output. WordPad seems more
> stable/normal.

The problem is that RTF is a moving, growing standard. Most RTF-handling
apps are stuck back at a prior version of RTF, while today, RTF can handle
much more than it used to. I opened the WEB Bible, which is saved in RTF in
Word, and it had drop caps! Every other app I opened it in showed the drop
cap on its own line. Of course, these programs are several years old. I
think another thing to keep in mind is that programs that are more "limited"
(read less feature bloat) than Word will have fewer options available to
them. I think that MS kind of forgot that RTF was supposed to be a
minimilistic interchange format, and have taken it way beyond its original
intent, while everybody else has stuck with the original. :-)

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