Re: [NTLK] Serious Dates app problem

From: emdub (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 07:26:14 EST

Ok this is what I did:

I installed Soup Kitchen and ran it. It scans 4 entries and then gives
me an error:
Errorno: -48809
Description: Undefined method
Category: Interpreter Errors

I think you are right about the error being in the To do's because I
can't erase them. It gives me errors too. One of the error's is: "There
was not enough memory to roll tasks over so they were left untouched.
Marking completed items may help."

Deleting the Dates soup would be something that I really would like to
avoid because it's A LOT of stuff. Is there a way to completely erase
the To do's? I can't even backup any more because it gives me errors too.

As much as I love the Newt I'm starting to get worried and my Visor is
suddenly looking apealing again if the Newt can't handle my agenda...


> What you have is a corrupt entry. There is a "minor" bug in the todos
> section of the Newton that can cause corruption, but that doesn't
> necessarily mean that you are suffering from that.
> This may be tedious, but I suggest getting a soup browser (Soup
> Kitchen, or
> the similar utility from SBM utilities) and going through your calendar
> and
> todos soups, entry by entry. This is likely to find the corrupt entry by
> popping up an error. An alternative would be to delete the soups, and
> enter
> everything again from scratch! ouch.
> For names, Standalone has a little utility that can find corrupt name
> entries, but I don't know if something similar exists for Dates?
> Anyone???
> I suppose it is possible that you have too many items in your Newton?
> If you
> have tons of todos, maybe you could try Foundation System's NewtToDo.
> (I'm
> playing with it, but bemoan it's lack of integration with the built-in
> app.)
> That is about the extent of my knowledge. . . :-)

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