Re: [NTLK] hypertext creation tool for newton?

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 13:17:26 EST

This got me to thinking and brought up another
question I had.
We are all familiar with the single-tap and double-tap
that is used to perform certain functions on the
Newt...But, what about the triple-tap?
Yes, that's right...triple-tap!
I was told about the triple-tap one day in the mid
90's by a developer of a certain wireless software
application for the newt. He instructed me to go to a
certain word and triple-tap on it. This word was in no
way highlighted or different from any of the other
words on the screen, and nothing occured on either the
first or the second tap, only the third tap brought up
another menu.
Now, let's bring this all together!
How about a triple-tap menu that pops up when you;
tap-tap-tap on a word that gives you the option of
creating a link or following the link? This could be a
relativly simple caret style extension...
Am I wrong? Just me brainstorming...
web/gadget guru (download Newton packages) (my NPDS server)

--- Alexander_Oberdörster
<> wrote:
> > One strength of the Newton (NewtonScript) is that
> you can link nearly
> > everything together.
> You can? Can you tell me more about this? I'll read
> the developer docs
> myself when I have the time, but at the moment I'm
> busy with Cocoa and
> ObjC.
> > The problem of linking words in notes or better
> elsewhere (dates,
> > works, Avi's BD, todos etc.) is IMHO that the word
> has to be marked
> > somehow so that one can distinguish a marked or
> linked word from a
> > normal word. The extension which would have to
> take care about all that
> > has also to guarantee that one has not only a
> visible feedback but all
> > possibilities of editing of the link. Including
> removing a link as well
> > as the automatic link-back entry or changing of a
> link to a
> > unidirectional one. The longer I'm thinking the
> better does this
> > feature fit in.
> Yes, it really does. This idea was sitting in the
> back of my mind since
> I got my Palm a few years ago. And apparently I'm
> not the only one
> thinking about it:
> The WikiWikiWeb also has some insights on links in
> both directions and
> version management:
> And there's of course Xanadu, the project that
> started it all
> (hypertext):
> > MoreInfo provides a very small part of it but only
> with objects like
> > complete notes, dates or names entries. Not down
> to the word level. A
> > hyperlinked word could be inverse (on b/w systems)
> and grey background
> > on greyscale Newtons. A single tap would then
> follow the link and a
> > longer tap until squeek would open the link editor
> including the link
> > info.
> No, inverse is already used for "selected". Why not
> underline the word?
> That's already standard in html, so people are used
> to it.
> > What about multiple links?
> Hm. Adding this feature would clutter the interface
> without need. But
> it's not really necessary. You could handle this
> with additional links
> on the linked page, I think.

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