Re: [NTLK] I can't get netatalk talking

From: Karel Jansens (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 13:48:08 EST

Karel Jansens wrote:

> So, as a last resort (for now, that is), I'm going to whipe NIE and all
> its siblings off my Newt and reinstall the lot, and properly this time.
> I'll let y'all know what transpires...

Well, that didn't help.
Even switching cards from top to bottom slot still gives the same
result, or rather, lack thereof.

I'm really at a loss here, guys.



Karel Jansens

"We're here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and we're all out of gum." (Dr. Zulu of Team Diotoir on Robot Wars Extreme)

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