Re: [NTLK] Taking notes on Newton - TECHNIQUES?

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Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 15:39:19 EST

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> I'm curious about this - what do you all do to prevent slowing down due to
> a handwriting recognition error? I get them now and then for various
> reasons - sometimes the newt just doesnt see the pen on the screen for a
> moment (that ever happen to anyone?), sometimes I brain fart and mis-write
> something....
> So, who takes notes in ink, and who goes right to hwr? And what settings
> do people use? I for one could use some tips.

I think this was covered earlier in this thread, namely, you simply let the
errors sit and fix them later. Do it for a while and you'll develop a
style. For example, if I hesitate a bit too much and there are spaces in
the word, then it's quick enough to go back when there's a second's pause
and do the "joining" gesture. If it's more than that, usually it's still
recognizable as what you intended, so just go back and fix it after the
meeting/class. (Which, BTW, forces you to re-read your notes at least once,
promoting learning of whatever it was you were supposed to be listening to.
;-) ) Only if it's badly garbled (due to shifting in your seat while
writing or holding the pen at a bad angle -- notice this is generally pilot
error {Hey! There's a pun in there!}, rather than HWR errors, particularly
if you print) do I ever scrub the word and try to quickly rewrite it.

- Eric.


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