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From: Jon Glass (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 16:25:09 EST

on 3/13/02 5:07 PM, Donald Hindle at wrote:

> I am a total Newton Newbie (got it Friday) and just started using my
> messagepad 2000 (2100 upg) to take notes. I'm having a little trouble with
> 'a's but we are making progress (the Newt recognizes 'em maybe 25% of the
> time which Is better than the 0% I got when I started). I found I get almost
> perfect results when I am at home writing on it. When I took it to classes
> on Tuesday the recognition went way down because I was hurrying. Still, I
> was able to keep up just fine with class (the guy nest to me was just amazed
> when he saw the Newton recognize my handwriting). Don't get discouraged if
> the writing practice doesn't go well, I found it much easier writing on the
> messagepad apps than in handwriting practice. The other thing I noticed is
> that on letters with circles- apodbq, I have to slow down just a hair so the
> Newt doesn't think I'm trying to do a gesture to select a line.

You might be able to speed up the Newton in learning your hwr, if you will
open the writing prefs, select "cursive", and then open the "letter shapes"
that will appear in the list of preferences. Select your problem letter
("a") and those shapes you don't use, set to "Never." Next, open the letters
that your "a" is most mis-recognized as, and see what strokes are closest to
your "a" and set those to "never" as well. This should help a lot. :-) You
might even find a way of writing your "a" that will help improve accuracy.
Yes, this means that you adapt to your Newton, but it is much better than
learning Graffiti. :-)

-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
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