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From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 23:20:43 EST

yeah...the term "armed and dangerous" in a city like
DC or Newyork (both winners of the prestigous title,
"murder capitol of the world") can strike a chord that
most wouldn't find particularly pleasant.
I had a boss who ran an ad campaign in DC and New York
that said "Don't be caught 'dead' without a Cell
Phone" Needless to say, the bad taste of the ad
prevented us from making quota that month (or the
month after, or the month after....etc)
Lets' stick with INK Different (grammar be damned!)
web/gadget guru

--- Jon Glass <> wrote:
> on 3/13/02 8:18 PM, Chris Chapman at
> wrote:
> > Ah. good design. I personally like the "ARMed and
> Dangerous" but INK
> > Different is ok too.
> The problem with "ARMed and Dangerous" is that it is
> too obtuse for the
> non-initiated--even if you explain it. "Ink
> Different" on the other hand, is
> obvious the minute you pull out your ever-present
> Newton, and start writing
> in normal long hand (or print) and it takes that
> "ink" and turns it into
> legible text, and it actually, reallly, obviously,
> honestly works! It makes
> immediate sense to the inquirer, and the "light
> bulb" goes off as
> realization dawns and the possibilities leap to
> mind. :-)
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> -Jon Glass
> Krakow, Poland
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