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Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 16:10:14 EST

On 14/03/02 15:46, "Josh Shanks" <> wrote:

> on 3/14/02 3:42 PM, Eric L. Strobel at wrote:
>> at the temporal coordinates: 3/14/02 3:26 PM, the entity known as Laurent
>> Daudelin at conveyed the following:
>>> On 14/03/02 15:15, "Eric L. Strobel" <> wrote:
>>>> at the temporal coordinates: 3/14/02 2:59 PM, the entity known as Josh
>>>> Shanks at conveyed the following:
>>>>> Why have we given up the idea of polo shirts? I can get them for pretty
>>>>> much
>>>>> the same price as screen printed shirts. And that includes the emroidery.
>>>>> I
>>>>> say we do both.
>>>>> Josh
>>>> I don't see any reason why not. There's some folks that might want one of
>>>> each.
>>> I, for one, would much prefer to pay even a few bucks more but to get a polo
>>> shirt which I would wear a lot more than just a regular t-shirt...
>>> So, can we do both? Any reason why Josh wouldn't be able to make them? He
>>> repeatedly said he was able to offer polo shirts for almost the same price
>>> than the t-shirts ones, with, from what I can tell, the same
>>> printing/embroidering options.
>>> Victor?
>> One question, though. On the polo shirt, I assume the graphic would the
>> typical smaller polo shirt thing of being on the right breast, right?
>> - Eric.
> Yes, I was thinking of a simple newton logo with maybe one shirt saying
> under the newton logo and another saying Apple Newton. What
> do you think? Cost is not an option since I can get these at a good price.

I'd prefer "", since that was the original idea.

Now, Josh, one thing I've never seen mentioned is if your price was
dependent on any minimum quantity. Is it?


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