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From: peter fraser (newtmanapple_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 17:48:44 EST

Hi -

I was able to dig up the conversation I had with Woz,
a few years back. Among other things, I asked him
about the Newt. His response is below, preceeded by
my original question. I doubt he'd mind me sharing
this with you, the devotees.

It was a wild evening. I'd asked a series of
questions in a long email earlier in the day, and late
that same evening I watched in amazement as he
answered each question in individual emails. I was
able to follow up on many of them so we had a
real-time exchange until around 2 or 3 in the morning.
 Finally, I asked if I could call or if he would call
me (I'm also in the bay area) to make the conversation
easier but he declined, saying something like he has
trouble with verbal exchanges sometimes - saying stuff
he later regrets or that causes misinterpretation.

It was a great experience, though. By the way, does
anyone has Thomas Edison' email address?

--------------------------------------begin woz on

From: "Steve Wozniak" <steve_at_woz.org>
Date: Sat Dec 12, 1998 11:56:35 PM US/Pacific
To: pjfraser_at_sirius.com
Subject: Re: A few questions from a Duo-list colleague

Did you like the Newton? What do you think the new
Apple personal portable
should be?


Yes. I liked the way that, if I want to enter an
appointment, I don't have
to remember which app to run and which button to
click. Rather, I just
handwrite "Sara dentist 2 pm tomorrow" and it all
happens. I can take notes
on it so easily and print them right away, in standard
printing or

I like these things that have a very human touch. But
they have a hard time
catching on. Like PowerTalk and Cyberdog (which,
although it hasn't had a
new version in some time, is what I use for email,
browsing and telnet to
admin my WAN) and more, the Newton was not accepted.
Human approaches in
computers are sometimes hard to communicate to users.
Right now it's fun to
watch people debate features of email clients and the
like and realize that
Cyberdog had it all so right long before the others.
And PowerTalk had many
things even better.

I don't want a personal portable that is like the Palm
Pilot. I don't want
a life like that.

Steve Wozniak
steve_at_woz.org http://woz.org
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