Re: [NTLK] Spanish <--> English Program?

From: Brian (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 08:13:21 EST

>From: Dale Chapman <>
>check out AMIGO - it's got a simple translation function as well as
>games to help out. - it's a bit medically focused, but still works.

Translation programs I know about for Spanish:

DicStar: English to Spanish or Spanish-English (looks good, perhaps the
largest dictionary of them all, shows synonyms too) but only shows you 10
words in the demo, and they don't return emails about registering, although
their web page is still up). You'll have to google for their site (CreaTek
or something is the company). Good luck!

SmallTalk- cute little phrase reference, indexed by situations. Very
handy. English-French-german-Spanish engines. See Unna/applications.

Amigo2: Dale mentioned above, see unna /applications.

SpanishFlashCards: On unna, I've not tried this. The packages are decent
sizes though so there may be a fair amount of content.

PowerTrans- for some reason up until just now, I thought this was for
English-German only. But it's Spanish and other languages also. Seems
pretty good, there's a demo on Unna. Enough people have posted about this
off and on here on the list, that I think the company is still active.

It seems like there should be one more, anybody?

Some of these have been freely released, some are still demos, you'll find
out which is which when you try them out :)


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