Re: [NTLK] [ANN] T-Shirt poll

From: Woo Lee (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 08:21:48 EST

HeHeHe, how about a shirt with every version of the Newton all over the =

=2E..or a Newton 'positions' shirt? :-o

=2E..btw, there at least two people with more Newts. than me...darn!
>....or "Graffitiless and Proud of It" or "Who Needs Graffiti When You've =
>Rosetta" or "Beam Me Up, There's no Sign of Intelligent PDA's Out There" =
>"Still the PDA of the Future" or "Got Newt?" or "Get Newted" or "Palm =
This" or
>"My Screen is Bigger Than Yours" or "Can You Collect More MP's Than Woo?" =
>Who is quickly getting carried away here and better stop before it gets
>completely out of hand......

!ooW %-)
Pres. of Los Angeles Newton Users Group!

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