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Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 11:23:18 EST


Uriah Heep. ALWAYS funny.

On a related subject (related to has-been bands, not Newton) I ws in Vegas
for Comdex 2 years ago, and was walking along the downtown mall with the
Golden Nugget etc and there were free concerts at each end of the street.
The first one was......Survivor (Eye of the Tiger), and even though it was
free drew about 100 people, 40 or 50 of which were all wearing Survivor
teeshirts from the 80s. Later, at the other end, was Bad Company (or at
least Paul what's his name, the singer) and they drew 100 or so as well.
The pathetic thing was that each lead singer was acting as if they were
still playing to an arena of people.

I laughed and laughed. I laughed until I stopped.


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On 3/14/2002 at 9:00 PM Ed Kummel wrote:

>Wow! I didn't know that Uriah Heep was touring
>anymore! (for those who don't know <probably because
>you're too young> Uriah Heep was <is?> the creator of
>the Heavy Metal sound, They used to call their
>concerts "Heep Shows". Everything was
>Sorry, just a flashback from my crazy/hazy days!
>As to your question, just use one of the readily
>available backgrounds...something like Avi's or
>BackDrop. They both give heap information.
>web/gadget guru
>--- Rolf Brakvatne <> wrote:
>> Anyone know where I can get HeapShow?
>> RB
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