[NTLK] Polo Shirt [Was: Re: [ANN] T-Shirt poll]

From: Laurent Daudelin (laurent_daudelin_at_fanniemae.com)
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 14:10:08 EST

On 15/03/02 13:56, "Josh Shanks" <jshanks_at_mac.com> wrote:

> on 3/15/02 8:59 AM, Eric L. Strobel at fyzycyst_at_comcast.net wrote:
>> at the temporal coordinates: 3/14/02 9:33 PM, the entity known as Josh
>> Shanks at jshanks_at_mac.com conveyed the following:
>>> That does sound like a cool idea but I know some people that could emroider
>>> patches and then all you would have to do is buy the patch and iron it on
>>> yourself. But then again getting a polo shirt for $5 in a retail place is
>>> next to imposible. But I might look into the patch thing.
>> Which leads to the possibility of Newtontalk baseball caps...
>> - Eric.
> I can screen print or emroider hats for probably less than $5


I don't remember if I read from one of your previous replies whether or not
you would need some sort of document for the logo to embroider. Let me know.
I can crank up an Illustrator document with the lettering above and under
the logo if you want.

Could you also confirm the final price, or do you need additional details
before freezing the price?


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