Re: [NTLK] [ANN] T-Shirt poll

From: John Goggan (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 14:13:25 EST

Note that I'd certainly be willing to buy more than one design -- and I think
others said that too. So -- Josh -- if you still want to do something
different (polos, although I'm not into those -- or just black t-shirts -- or
a different design -- whatever), I'm sure many of us would still be interested
in buying some from you!

Victor -- just let us know when you have everything ready and tell us where to
send the payment, yes?

 - John...

Victor Rehorst wrote:
> Yes. Which is why it's all up to me. And I have a great t-shirt place
> here. So I am going ot order T-shirts. No offence to Josh, I'm sure he
> has a great shop and all, but it's so much easier from a
> money-transferring and organization standpoint for me to just do it.
> That's why there will be no polos. And that's also why the shirts will be
> white - I am arranging a cheap deal. And they will be 100% cotton, and I
> should be able to get XXL.

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