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From: Eric L. Strobel (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 14:58:10 EST

at the temporal coordinates: 3/15/02 2:15 PM, the entity known as Victor
Rehorst at conveyed the following:

> On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Josh Shanks wrote:
>> So I can get white shirts for a dollar a piece and print on them. And yes
>> that is 100% white cotton tees. If you guys just want a 6 color design on
>> white I can probably manage get you those for $5 a piece. Victor I see where
>> you are coming from with the money. That is why people can send you the
>> money I print the shirts and send them by UPS to you and you send them out
>> from there. Or I can send them to people. Either way I will get a Newton
>> Polo out because it looks there there is a huge demand for one. If it comes
>> down to it I can just sell them off of my website.
> Uhh, no. With the low bargain-basement prices of the Canadian dollar, I
> can get this done at virtually the same price.
> In case I haven't made myself perfectly clear yet: please stop suggesting
> this. Thanks.

Yeah, I'd say that the best solution at this point would be for Josh to
handle the folks that want polo shirts (and possibly baseball caps) and let
Victor deal with the tee shirts. Now... about those coffee cups...

BTW, I'd suggest that a little extra profit be built into the price, with
that money kicked into I don't know what the needs are in
that regard, but if there's any money left over, perhaps some nominal awards
could be made toward important software (or hardware) developments. Or any
extra money could go toward expanding the range of services available at
NewtonTalk (or UNNA).

Anyway, just a few more attempts at thought.

- Eric.

- Eric.


Eric Strobel (fyzycyst_at_NOSPAM^

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