[NTLK] Newton WaveLAN driver usage poll

From: Warren Stone (warren_at_ttr225.com)
Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 10:54:13 EST

Well mine worked first attempt, no issues with a newer Orinoco card!
However, I do need help? Where is the DNS IP Address set??? I remember
setting it when I was using my Ethernet card but I can't find it with
the Lucent
card? Is DHCP setting the value or is my old manual input used???

Newton: Original 2100 (no mods)
Wireless card used in Newton: Lucent Orinoco Silver 11 Mbit/s
Part/serial Number (labeled "P/N" on back of WaveLAN): 012938/C

"Internet Setup": Airport (my text description)
Configuration: DHCP Server
Card: Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE
Subnet Mask: provided by DHCP
Local IP Address: provided by DHCP
Gateway/Router Address: provided by DHCP
Primary DNS/Name Server Address: ???
Domain Name: <none>
Note: DHCP is supplied by Instant Internet 100 router

AirPort Base Station firmware version: V4.0.2 (latest for Snow Airport
as of 3/16/02)
Software Base Station: <NA>
Network Name: Newton
Channel frequency: 11
Enable Encryption: no
Ethernet bridging mode: Yes


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